Dynastar M-Pro W 92 2024/25 Ski Review

Elsa Powell-Dooley is a rising star in British alpine ski racing and was our main tester on the Dynastar M Pro92 ski –  Watch her review here ⬇ With a career spanning three seasons, she has already made her mark with an impressive four U21 podium finishes at the English Skiing Championships.

The Dynastar M-Pro W 92 ski is a game-changer in the world of all-mountain skiing, offering an exceptional blend of versatility and performance. Crafted with precision and innovation, this ski is tailored to meet the demands of advanced to expert level skiers seeking exhilarating experiences across varied terrain.

Purpose and Design
Designed specifically for all-mountain skiing, the Dynastar M-Pro W 92 excels in diverse snow conditions. Its moderate waist width ensures seamless transitions between groomed trails and fresh powder, while the dual rocker enhances manoeuvrability in soft snow and maintains solid grip on hardpack surfaces, thanks to its traditional camber.

Construction and Technology
At the core of this ski lies a robust wood core, enriched by the Hybrid 2.0 Poplar Tri-directional PU PETHPM technology. This innovative construction not only ensures longevity but also delivers dynamic turns with precision and power. The ski’s versatile turn radius allows skiers to tailor their turns according to personal preferences, while its camber profile promotes lively handling and precise control.

Target Audience
If you’re the kind of skier who lives for pushing limits and shredding hard, the Dynastar M-Pro W 92 is your new best friend. It’s made for those of us who crave adrenaline-pumping adventures and demand nothing but the best when it comes to performance.


  • Versatility: Whether you’re ripping groomers or diving into powder stashes, this ski can handle it all.
  • Performance: Get ready for next-level turns and control that’ll have you feeling like a pro out there.
  • Dynamism: With its responsive feel and agility, this ski is like an extension of your own body, ready to tackle whatever the mountain throws your way.

Dynastar M-Pro W 92 2024/25 Ski Review  – Elsa’s Verdict

The Dynastar M-Pro W 92 ski is a true powerhouse on the slopes, offering advanced skiers the ultimate combination of versatility, performance, and dynamism.

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